Bruce Parker x The F Files

The F Files

Happy 2016. Here’s to hoping that our year is wonderful and prosperous. Without further ado here’s my first offering of the year. I present to you “The F Files”

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Happy New Years!


So it’s officially 2016. We made it! Feels good to be going into a new year while you’re not running from the past year. 2015 had a lot of ups & downs for me personally. I crashed and burned financially. I lost focus, and I stopped believing in myself at one point. On top of the fact that I was working at a job I hated, and dealing with a long distance relationship where we’d never been apart from each other that long in the three years we’d been together.

I learned a lot in the process though, like… Your happiness, and peace of mind always comes first! I learned that from a J-Cole interview with Angie Martinez this past year.

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