Overwatch is a very popular hero based shooter that dropped on the 24th. If you are even kind of a gamer then I guarantee you have already heard about it. I am just going to offer a summary of the game for those of you who aren’t as familiar.

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GQ x 2 Chainz Presents: Most Expensivest Shit

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If you’ve never seen 2 Chainz web series “Most Expensivest Shit” you’re really missing out! Today they released an episode about dabbing, and not the dance. Chainz get’s to partake on $500k worth of marijuana & Mary Jane trinkets. Check out the video after the jump

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The Absolute Worst COD player EVER

I’m so trash at the Call of Duty Black Ops series. Especially 3. 8 times out of 10 I’m at a negative ratio when the game is over. My fun comes from playing Zombies. That’s where I excel. In fact if treyarch ever decided to dedicate a team to making a Zombies only game I’d be 100% behind that movement. What is funny however is the trash ass ways I get killed in this video lol. Hope my misery brings joy to your lives. Check it out below. 

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