Planet Shive Radio


This right here is what this website is all about. My name is Bruce Parker, and I created Planet Shive to give my friends & I a better platform to present our talent to the world! I created a digital radio show showcasing four artist and their best music. This is a grassroots show meaning it’s done out of love for Hip-Hop. We had no budget. Nobody paid to be apart of this. It wasn’t about business or egos. With that being said…  In Collaboration with WZUP World Digital Radio & DJ TeWe I present to you Planet Shive Radio! Check it out after the jump.

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Planet Shive: Episode 9


The image you see above is not Photo-shopped. Donald Trump is our 45th President of the United States of America. However… The show must go on. Check out Episode 9 of Plane Shive Podcast series after the jump. 

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Injustice Gods Among Us x King Of The Hill


It’s been a while seen I’ve hit yall with my fighting game footage, so today I recorded a mini King of The Hill set in Injustice. I only used Joker. Check me out after the jump! 

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