TSG Black Ops 3 Hardcore TDM


Trying My Hand At Streaming


Hello World. Bruce Parker Here…
I’ve found a new passion in streaming. Streaming video game is as simple as you watching my play from your smart phone, laptop, or PC. If you’re familiar with the process then you know about the website Twitch It allows gamers to broadcast their live gameplay. Before the current generation of home consoles (PS4 & Xbox1) You couldn’t stream without the equipment. The current gen comes with stream capabilities. You can check me out playing some Black Ops 3 Team Death Match below

I fancy myself a Hardcore gamer that want’s to share said game play with the world. I don’t have a set schedule yet for when I’ll be broadcasting, but I do plan on being on often. At the moment the only games I have on my PS4 is MKX, Black Ops 3, The Walking Dead Game Season 2, & Advanced Warfare. I just want you witness me grow my brand. Planet Shive is a brand.

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Be on the look for my next Podcast too. I had a snag in the operation, but I’ll be back at the top of the year.

Yung N.O. x All My Life


Peep a young nigga Straight Outta Mid-City New Orleans. Here you have Yung N.O. Literally one of the best kept secrets from the city. Inspired by the late Soulja Slim Yung N.O. is known to keep it Gutta on the tracks he chooses to demolish. He has an E.P. dropping later in the year, but for now check it this track entilted “All My Life” After the Jump.

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Planet Shive: Podcast Episode 3


Back for the third time around, but this time with my woman. This episode definitely has a lighter tone than the past two. Don’t get use to that though. Lis & discussed a lot in the hour it took to do this one. The new Future album all the way to Orange Is The New Black. You’ll have plenty of laughs, and get to form your own opinion about “What If” situations involving transsexuals. Download and/or stream after the jump. 

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Future X Like I Never Left Documentary

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Word to the big Homie Elliott Wilson aka YN here’s a new Documentary by Future giving his fans behind the scenes access to his life.He talks about his last album, his failed relationship, fatherhood, How he came up, and his mindset in recording this new album #DirtySprite2.

Check out the Documentary after the jump

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Planet Shive: Episode 2


Happy 4th of July people. Here’s a new Podcast for you to vibe out to while you’re eating your BBQ, or while you’re riding to the BBQ. But then again if you just want to listen to it with your headphones that’s cool too.
We talk about E3, The NRS Community, Yomi, Hip-Hop, A Cock Blocking Story, The BET awards, Bruce Jenner, and why Black Lives Matter. We hope you enjoy every minutes. This time we were able to knock it down to an hour and twenty two minutes. Love!

Check it out after the jump. 

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