Injustice Gods Among Us x King Of The Hill


It’s been a while seen I’ve hit yall with my fighting game footage, so today I recorded a mini King of The Hill set in Injustice. I only used Joker. Check me out after the jump! 

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Planet Shive x Battlefield 1 Review


Battlefield 1 has been our for a little over a week now. The launch went well at least for me there were no server issues and I found games relatively quickly. First things first I have to say that this game looks gorgeous. Easily the best graphics I have ever seen in an fps.
Here’s a quick break down of what you can expect from Battlefield 1 in case you are still on the fence about buying it.

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The Absolute Worst COD player EVER

I’m so trash at the Call of Duty Black Ops series. Especially 3. 8 times out of 10 I’m at a negative ratio when the game is over. My fun comes from playing Zombies. That’s where I excel. In fact if treyarch ever decided to dedicate a team to making a Zombies only game I’d be 100% behind that movement. What is funny however is the trash ass ways I get killed in this video lol. Hope my misery brings joy to your lives. Check it out below. 

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Trying My Hand At Streaming


Hello World. Bruce Parker Here…
I’ve found a new passion in streaming. Streaming video game is as simple as you watching my play from your smart phone, laptop, or PC. If you’re familiar with the process then you know about the website Twitch It allows gamers to broadcast their live gameplay. Before the current generation of home consoles (PS4 & Xbox1) You couldn’t stream without the equipment. The current gen comes with stream capabilities. You can check me out playing some Black Ops 3 Team Death Match below

I fancy myself a Hardcore gamer that want’s to share said game play with the world. I don’t have a set schedule yet for when I’ll be broadcasting, but I do plan on being on often. At the moment the only games I have on my PS4 is MKX, Black Ops 3, The Walking Dead Game Season 2, & Advanced Warfare. I just want you witness me grow my brand. Planet Shive is a brand.

Screenshot (526)

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Be on the look for my next Podcast too. I had a snag in the operation, but I’ll be back at the top of the year.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 X Combo Cancelling


Well I’m not a huge fan of anime in general, I am a HUGE fan or DBZ. Budokai 3 is favorite fighting game ever. When it first came out back in 2005 I thought I was the best in the world lol. Turns out there were techniques that I didn’t know about like combo cancelling. Here’s a youtube tutorial explaining the technique. Check it out after the jump. 

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