Planet Shive x Episode 12


Here’s my most personal Podcast yet. If you’re apart of my life I’m going to speak on you. Just know that I’ll never shed negative light on you, or talk down on you to make myself seem better for the story. I’m just telling my honest truth. Bare with me….

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Planet Shive Radio


This right here is what this website is all about. My name is Bruce Parker, and I created Planet Shive to give my friends & I a better platform to present our talent to the world! I created a digital radio show showcasing four artist and their best music. This is a grassroots show meaning it’s done out of love for Hip-Hop. We had no budget. Nobody paid to be apart of this. It wasn’t about business or egos. With that being said… ┬áIn Collaboration with WZUP World Digital Radio & DJ TeWe I present to you Planet Shive Radio! Check it out after the jump.

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