Planet Shive x Episode 14


You have to make sure that you’re always giving yourself time to smell the fresh air. Get out, and take a walk. It’s beautiful outside. I brought some friends along for the ride this week. I’d like to introduce CT & King Cole. A very welcomed edition to The Planet Shive show. Check us out after the jump!

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Planet Shive x Episode 11


Happy New Year from us over here at Planet Shive. Took a break over the holidays to come up with fresh ideas and strategies for the new year. Can’t wait to unveil them all to you, but patience is key. In due time you’ll see what I have in store. For right now this Episode 11. I’m super proud to have made it this far into my Podcast series. I hope you enjoy it too. Be sure to leave comments! Check it out after the jump!

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Planet Shive: Episode 7


Yeah I’m going Back to Back… Check out episode 7 after the jump.

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J-Wil x Rare Ghetto

J Wil

Straight Outta H-Town my Slime J-Wil blesses us with his Debute mixtape “Rare Ghetto”. The tape consist of 6 tracks coming in at only 20 something minutes. Short and to the point. It’s hosted by DJ Hollygrove, DJEDubsMixtapes, & The Chopstars. Stream & Download after the jump!

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Planet Shive: Episode 5 “No Title”

Episode 5 Art Work Cover

Here we are. Literally a month after I dropped “The F Files” EP. I’m back with the long delayed episode 5 of my Podcast series. I had some major hick ups, and obstacles preventing me from business. Now that it’s out the way I present to you “No Title”. This time around I got together with two friends to talk about my favorite topic… Women! Glad to know some cool cats with some entertaining conversation. Shout out to J-Dope & Smokee Robinson. Extra shout out to the Weed man for making this shit possible too slime haha. And by the way… Thank you for listening to my EP. I got nothing but great feed back from it. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart! Stream & Download Planet Shive: Episode 5 “No Title” after the jump.

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[Podcast] Planet Shive: Episode IV

Planet Shive Episode IV Fiinal Edit

The return on Planet Shive is here. Episode IV is me detailing my thoughts on what’s been going on in the world in the past two weeks including Windows 10, Drake & Meek Beefing, and my thoughts on Sandra Bland. Check it out after the jump! 

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Planet Shive: Episode 2


Happy 4th of July people. Here’s a new Podcast for you to vibe out to while you’re eating your BBQ, or while you’re riding to the BBQ. But then again if you just want to listen to it with your headphones that’s cool too.
We talk about E3, The NRS Community, Yomi, Hip-Hop, A Cock Blocking Story, The BET awards, Bruce Jenner, and why Black Lives Matter. We hope you enjoy every minutes. This time we were able to knock it down to an hour and twenty two minutes. Love!

Check it out after the jump. 

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