Planet Shive: Episode 8


In case you’re wondering why I choose a pumpkin as my cover it represents the beginning of an idea for me. You know where you want to go with it. You just don’t know how to get there. You have an early outline. Very early. That’s what this pumpkin means. I knew the story I wanted to tell. I just didn’t know how to go about it. Thank you for your support thus far. I know my journey is just getting started, and I’m open for more people to take this ride with me. Check out Planet Shive: Episode 8 after the jump. 

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Happy New Years!


So it’s officially 2016. We made it! Feels good to be going into a new year while you’re not running from the past year. 2015 had a lot of ups & downs for me personally. I crashed and burned financially. I lost focus, and I stopped believing in myself at one point. On top of the fact that I was working at a job I hated, and dealing with a long distance relationship where we’d never been apart from each other that long in the three years we’d been together.

I learned a lot in the process though, like… Your happiness, and peace of mind always comes first! I learned that from a J-Cole interview with Angie Martinez this past year.

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